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Modernization of Russia

Holy Russia - Third Rome
The new subject of international law, the State Holy Russia - Third Rome, 21.09.2013.

Nova Church of Holy Russia
Orthodoxy and Christianity require reforming and release of heresy and obscurantism. 21.09.2011.

The Seljuk Dynasty Origin New!!!
The author put forward a hypothesis according to which the Seljuk’s Sultans came from the Princes of the Russ – Rurikovich Kin, who eventually converted to Islam. The hypothesis was fully confirmed by the identification of the main historical figures of the Seljuk dynasty with the descendants of the Princes St. Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise. We are talking about the rulers of Sultanate of Rum Sultan Suleiman and his descendants, as well as Tuqaq, Seljuk, Mikail, Israel, Toghrul, Alp Arslan and other Sultans. Princes and their sons from the Principality of Tmutarakan became Seljuk’s Sultans, from where they conquered the countries and peoples of the Caucasus, Iran, Asia Minor and Central Asia. 24.05–12.06.2023.

Synchronization of historical and religious Chronicles
The author correctly synchronizes historical and religious Chronicles of the Ancient World based on a short chronology and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in the annals and Scriptures. The author believes that discrepancies in dates, geographical localities and ethnic origin of historical and religious figures are due to erroneous traditional chronology and historical geography, as well as the deliberate adaptation of phenomena and events to an established paradigm. 20.04–25.05.2020.

Astronomical dating of Biblical events
The author's reconstruction of the history and chronology of religions is fully verified by identifying 15 celestial phenomena described in the Chronicles, including 11 Solar Eclipses, 3 Zodiacs and 1 Supernova. A chronological shift of 1780 years in the history of Ancient Egypt has been confirmed for 6 phenomena, including 3 Solar Eclipses and 3 Zodiacs, including the Eclipse of Pharaoh Takelot on August 8, 891. Astronomically confirmed the date of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as March 18, 1010, and the date of death of Ibrahim – the son of the Prophet Muhammad as February 7, 1152 (28 Shawwal 546 AH). 20.02–31.03.2020.

Origin of the gens Rurik
After the break of ties between the metropolis and the Russian principalities, the annals of Byzantium were cleared of the mention of "foreigners" in the management of the Empire, and the Chronicles of Russia did not have time to properly reflect the role of Rurik in world history. A study of the sources of Ancient Rome, New Rome, Russia, Arab countries, Danube and Volga Bulgaria allowed the author to identify the Russ gens and Bulgarian Khagans with the Flavian dynasty, as well as to identify Rurik, his descendants and relatives from the Macedonian dynasty (IX–XI century) and dynasty of Lecapenus (X century). The last Russian Emperor of New Rome been Yaroslav the Wise, throne name Constantine Monomachos. 11.09–21.10.2019.

Chronology of monotheistic religions
The author identified the Patriarchs of monotheism with well-known figures of human history. He proved that the oldest religion of monotheism is Christianity, which had a theoretical character in the I Millennium (Old Testament Christianity) and a practical embodiment at the beginning of the II Millennium (New Testament Christianity). Islam and Judaism emerged only in the early VII century and became radical branches of Christianity. Based on the study of solar eclipses, the author has determined the date and place of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (March 18, 1010 in Constantinople), the year of the death of the Prophet Muhammad (1152) and the period creation of the Quran (1130–1152). 01–27.08.2019.

Localization of Ancient Rome
The history of Ancient Rome is well studied, but hides a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions relating to the period of formation of the city and the expansion of the Romans into the world. We believe that the problems are caused by ignorance of the true localization of Ancient Rome in the Volga region on Akhtuba until the Fire on 64 and move city to location of Veii in Italy. The article also considers the aspects of ethnic origin of the peoples of the Latin League, Ancient Rome and Europe. The vector of expansion of Ancient Rome from the Volga region to the Europe coinciding with the migration flows of the Migration Period and the spread of PIE is substantiated. In addition the article considers the dynamics of growth and decline of the population of Ancient Rome in the localities from its inception to sunset and transformation. 23.06–16.07.2019.

Short chronology of Ancient Egypt
The history of Ancient Egypt generated in XIX century, every day finds out all greater discrepancy to modern realities both the newest archeological and tool data, including results of DNA researches of mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs. The chronology of Egypt as whole is considered well investigated and however it has been created for substantiation of an antiquity of Jewish people, instead of for scientific description of one of most ancient terrestrial civilizations. Author's reconstruction of chronology of Ancient Egypt has found out time shift at rate 1780 years in depth of centuries from true dating events. 1-16.06.2019.

Great Tartary or Slavic Empire
The next riddle of world historiography is solved. Present clause is devoted to history and modern condition of one of the most grandiose empires of terrestrial civilization – Great Tartary or Slavic Empires. 04–19.09.2017.

The European Aryans
In present clause the broad audience of the questions connected to probable Aryan origin of various European peoples is considered. Including aspects of possible an Aryan origin of Slavs and prospects of presence by these of special way to world around are considered. 25.02.2017 - 24.03.2017.

Summarizing of Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016)
Within the framework of carrying out Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016) on elections of Grand Prince of All Russia four Nominees have been put forward. The overwhelming majority of voices have been given for Nominee Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. Will of God and decision of participants of Assembly, Zemsky Sobor 2016 has elected lifelong Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich. 11.05.2016.

Yaroslavl’s Princes Rurikovich
In clause is described family tree of Grand Princes of Yaroslavl and their descendants, it is the senior branch of the Kin of Russ – Rurikovich, going back to Mstislav Great Monomachos. Kin of the Grand Princes of Yaroslavl have continued by Princes Grand Kubensky – Kubarev. 22.02.2016–11.03.2016.

All truth about Saint Prince Vladimir
In clause the all truth about Saint Prince Vladimir which is ignored Orthodox and Romanov’s historians, communistic historical science and their modern adepts, fabricating myths about Russ with « good intentions » opens without denominations. The kin of Russ - Rurikovich has created Orthodoxy and the Russian statehood, Russian people began to forget about it. Glory to Russ! 07-17.07.2015.

Brief chronology of religions
The report at XXX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 25.04.2015, Moscow, RosNoU. In the clause the final Chronological Tables of Ancient Egypt, Ancient and New Rome, Rome in Italy, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are submitted. 25.04.2015.

Canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century and the present time
The report at XXIX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 20.12.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the comparative analysis of canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century (1315-1321), displayed on mosaics and frescos of Church of Chorus in Istanbul, and modern doctrines are made. Numerous differences of events of the Holy Legend and the Gospel of the past and the present are found out. 20.12.2014.

Ethnic threats to peoples of Russia
In clause political, economic, cultural and religious aspects of consequences of ethnic opposition of radical peoples of Russia and new coming Slavic population formed as result of violent Slavic expansion in Russia in days of the Mongolian yoke are considered. The historical reasons of occurrence of ethnic contradictions are investigated, estimations of modern condition of problem (Chechelevskaya and Lubotinskaya Republics in 1905, Donetsk national republic and Lugansk national republic in 2014 in territory of Ukraine) are given and offers on decrease in escalation of ethnic opposition in territory of Eurasia are made. 09.06 - 05.07.2014.

Attribution of Rurikovich and Emperors Lecapenus
The report at XXVIII International Conference on problems of the Civilization is 26.04.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In clause it is described detailed attribution of Ugrian Tsars with Emperors of Ancient and New Rome and Patriarches of terrestrial civilization. It is scientifically proved origins of all patriarches of monotheism and Emperors Flavius and Lecapenus from kint of Ugrian Tsars of Russ (Great), is the ethnic Finn-Ugrian from Volga region. 23.03.2014 – 24.04.2014.

Putin's Eurasian impasse
Vladimir Putin and Uniform Russia realize the Eurasian project, involving Russia and Russian people during stagnation and backlogs from World Civilization. They create Gog and Magog Empire, menacing to world peace. Why the Kremlin authority has not asked Russian Slavs – they want to live in the Asian country or to be safe Europeans? 14-22.01.2014.

Projections of the God in symbols of religion
As result of studying the extensive visual material created by 3D modeling, we have proved existence of uniform source of an origin of Projections of the God, that is religious symbolic of people. The source or quantum object refers to the Chariot of the God. We believe that on the basis of our researches, it will be possible to organize training to travel on the Universe of space navigators from the most gifted people and to create spaceships with engines as the described quantum generator is Chariots of the God or the Chariot of Cube. 25–30.08.2013.

Origin and migration of Slavs
Historical and genetic routes of migrations of the Slavs, calculated with the help from ancient Byzantium, European, Chinese, Arabian, Bulgarian and Russian chronicles and annals, and also modern researches of man's DNA chromosomes. 01-21.05.2013.

Empires of cousins of Russ
The report at scientific XXVI International conference on problems of the Civilization 26-27.04.2013, Moscow, RosNoU. In article five world Empires of cousins of Russ (Great) existing in our era on open spaces of Eurasia with cyclicity of occurrence once in 300 years are described.

Hungarian Kingdom of Russ
It is continuation of research of dynastic communications of Rurikovich. Cousin of Rurik Almysh/Almos and his children Kazan/Kurszan and Arbat/Arpad, it is all ethnic Ugrian of Russ, have based at the end of IX century – beginning of X century the Hungarian kingdom of Russ, having grasped Great Moravia. 08-11.01.2013.

Reconstruction of dynastic communications of Rurikovich in IX-XI centuries
Report at anniversary scientific XXV International conference on problems of civilization at 21-22.12.2012, RosNoU, Moscow. Corrected at 03.01.2013.

Educated Christianity of Russ
Bible – the Old Testament and the New Testament has exhausted itself. Forged the Scripts and the Sacred Legend cannot serve more as a spiritual reference point for promotion of mankind forward on the river of time. It is allowable to use only spiritual – moral potential of the ancient products being product of national creativity of Jews and Catholics, instead of divine revelations. The chronology of Bible events, an ethnic accessory of patriarchs of mankind, names, geography and original languages of heroes of the Bible do not correspond to the validity. Bible miracles have the quantum nature in the basis and submit to laws of a universe. Educated Christianity of Russ restore the religious both destroyed obscurantists religious and scientific knowledge of Christianity and revolutionary role of religion in history of civilization. 26.08. – 12.10.2012.

True Empty Tomb
Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Sacred Russ, Princes of Russia congratulates mankind on presence of True Empty Tomb and restoration of the religious and historical truth. The true has triumphed forever. 20-29.05.2012.

Orthodoxy and Islam in Old Russia
The report at XXIV International scientific conference on problems of the Civilization in Russian New University on April 20-21, 2012.

Day of Church Slavonic writing. Russ Cyril and Methodius.
In this significant holiday of Day of Church Slavonic writing and remembering Equal Apostles Sacred Cyril and Methodius, Princes of Russ convincingly ask Russian Orthodox Church and the public of the orthodox countries to return to sources and correctly to name the writing, language and church books Russian, but not Slavic. Ancient Russia was the Finno-Ugric state created by Russ Christians Rurik and Igor, Cyril and Methodius, Askold and Dir, Prophetic Oleg and Sacred Olga, Sacred Vladimir and Empress Anna Macedonian. 24.05.2011.

Wars of Russ in IX-XI centuries
In article on a rich actual material it is shown, that all wars of Russ with Byzantium in 836-1043 have been connected to deduction of a throne of empire by Russian party of Constantinople headed by the Macedonian dynasty of Russ. To the author it is proved, that two centuries co-emperors of New Rome were Great Princes Rurikovich. Last Russian emperor Jaroslav Mudry known in Tsar Grad as Constantine Monomakh was. The report at scientific XXII International conference on problems of the Civilization 22-23.04.2011, Moscow, RosNoU.

Genetic distances between cousins Rurikovich
The report at scientific XXII International Conference on problems of the Civilization, on April 22-23, 2011, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. 24.04.2011.

Slavic-Mongolian invasion to Russia
Results of our research of an origin of Slavs have not simply scientific, but political value. In view of the received data it is necessary to form the weighed policy of interethnic and inter religious attitudes in Russia and the world. The modern hobby of Russian Slavs Rodoverie, the Aries origin and the contemptuous attitude to inhabitants of Central Asia, Caucasus, Mongolia, China and other regions of the world bears a system and logic mistake. Rodoverie in general it is senseless, in fact ancestors Rodoverian in Russia and Ukraine have left Central Asia and were Kirghiz, Altaian’s, Tajik’s, Pashtun’s, Uyghur’s and Juan-Juan, and completely not blond demigods. 12-18.03.2011.

Old Rome and Italic union of the Volga region
The scientific article on an extensive historical material proves that Ancient Rome has been created by Finno-Ugric tribe’s of Italic union of the Volga region (Idel, Bulgar). Italic peoples Vestini (Vesi), Marsi (Merya), Lucani (Lucane), Marrucini (Marri) and others till now live on Volga. Finno-Ugric named Latinas (Latinyanami) German peoples of the Volga region, differently Altyn-ami that means Gold literally. Fortress Alba Longo was called Altynbash, and Volga region Rome – Ulak-Urum. Southwest capital of Finno-Ugric of Idel was city Phanagoria or the Finn–Ugoria, being in antiquities capital Bosporus Empire and Great Bulgaria was. The web of lies of the western falsifiers of history how many would not be twisted, but to it all the same there comes the end. 10-21.02.2011.

Correct genographic
We have proved fidelity Bulgarian theory of an origin of mankind. She proves to be true a natural vector of moving of people on a planet from the Volga region in all parties of Eurasia, and there from to Africa, Australia and America. All peoples and races of the world have taken place from Hindi-European, namely – from ethnic Finno-Ugric. 01-07.02.2011.

Correct DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology
Scientific article of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev on DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology is submitted to your attention. The author has created formulas with which help it is possible to define precisely time of life of the general ancestor and an epoch of formation of various languages. These formulas have received the name of Kubarev’s formula. With the help of mathematical calculations, Valeriy Kubarev has proved fidelity Barrow of Hypothesis of Maria Gimbutas and own reconstruction of a history of the world. We hope that results of research will find wide application in DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology. 04-14.01.2011.

Genealogy and genetics of Princes of Russia
The report of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev at XXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization 25.12.2010. Valeriy Kubarev's scientific article describes genetics of Rurikovich and Sorts of Russia. Grand Prince has scientifically defined modal haplotype of Rurik, Gedimin, Russ Aydar, Kubrat, Flavius and has theoretically described modal haplotype of Alexander Great, Jesus Christ Zlatoust, Prophet Mohammed and Genghis Khan. All these well-known people ethnically Finno-Ugrian from the Sort of Russ. 25.12.2010.

What do we celebrate on November 4? Loss of the national sovereignty...
National voting or voting of national representatives is unacceptable for elections of Tsar and Grand Duke, in fact tsar from the God, and the voice of people is not a voice Divine. Elections of Grand Duke only voting of Princes – patrimonial aristocracy of Russia are possible. 08-21.11.2010.

Turn of the Earth promptly comes nearer
This is article with the analysis of abnormal geophysical and climatic activity on a planet. 09-12.09.2010.

Baltavar – a symbol of Christianity, an Islam and Judaism
Petrarca: « When people will address to the history, his greatness come to live » 30-31.03.2010

History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012
Kubarev V.V.'s report, History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012. Section «Civilization aspects of the Russian history and chronology». Tenth International scientific conference «Civilization of knowledge: global crisis and an innovative choice of Russia», Moscow, April 24-25, 2009, RosNOU.

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Whose fault is it?

The Catechon Paradigm as an instrument of the Antichrist New!!!
In the article, the author examines the current state of the catechon paradigm and the practice of using the provisions of the concept in the political and public life of the Russian Federation. According to the author, the idea of the catechon in Russia was intercepted by the forces of evil and used as a screen to cover their deeds. Today, the catechon paradigm has become an instrument of the Antichrist and his adherents to gain world domination. The only resource for Lucifer’s conquest of the world is sinful people whom he can attract under his banners. As successful as his deception and seduction will be, so strong and numerous will be the army of Satan. 05–17.12.2022.

Impairment of Orthodoxy New!!!
In the article, the author has carried out a retrospective analysis of the events and processes that led to the impairment and transformation of the canons of Orthodoxy and the patristic tradition of Russian Christianity. Prohibitions and reliance on the good intentions of opportunists within the body of the church led to a natural distortion of the teaching. As a result, the Orthodox Church became vulnerable to the pressure of Lucifer's lies and deception and ceased to be a source of life. 30.09–25.11.2022.

Features of Christianity in Cappadocia New!!!
The usual facts for Cappadocia were the proximity of male and female Monasteries and their communication. The plots and frescoes of the Churches were created no earlier than the first quarter of the XI century. The isomorphic images of St. George, Theodore Stratelates and Theodore Tiron have come down to us. According to the author, St. George became a collective image of the Saints Constantine the Great and the two Theodores. The fresco of the Serpent Church depicts Onuphrius the Great as a hermaphrodite, which the Church is trying to forget. On the face of the purposeful distortion by Christianity of the Holy Tradition, led by the Holy Spirit, and the removal from the original sources. 05–28.08.2022.

Emperors Lekapenos(920–945)
Based on a thorough analysis of the chronicles of New Rome, Ancient Russia, Great Bulgaria and Arab sources, the author has justified the Finno–Ugric origin of the Macedonian Dynasty and the Lekapenos Dynasty. The details of the biographies, names, dates of rule and family ties of dozens of Emperors, Khagans and Princes of Byzantium, Russ and Bulgar coincide with great accuracy, which makes it possible to identify all the studied personalities with real historical figures. In local chronicles, they have different or identical names, depending on the national characteristics of the nicknames of the studied persons. 07.12.2020–30.01.2021.

Dancing on bones (people losses of USSR in SWW)
We have found out the facts of direct falsification of human losses of military men and civil persons of the USSR within the Second World War in some millions person. Forgery is caused by activity of the propaganda machine of the USSR and false understanding of patriotism in modern Russia. By our calculations true irrevocable losses of the population of the USSR within the SWW make 7.6–8.7 million persons from among military men and the general losses with civil people 12.8–13.9 million persons. Have run away from Stalin paradise of USSR is hundred thousand (up to 1.3 million) the persons. We believe that the name of each victim of war should be taken into account and sounded publicly. 04–18.05.2019.

Expansion of Rome from Volga region
The report at XXXIII International conference on problems of the Civilization, 24.12.2016, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the extensive information on resettlement of peoples to Europe through ports of Bosporan Kingdom and Bosporus to the Mediterranean from the Volga region, Siberia and Caucasus during existence of Ancient Rome in delta of the rivers Volga and Akhtuba since VI century B.C. up to middle of VI century is submitted. 24.12.2016.

Seleucus and tribal leaders of Rome
The report at scientific XXXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization has acted on December 26, 2015, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. In the report the hypothesis that "Macedonian" gains of IV century B.C. actually are the first wave of expansion of Ancient Rome and resettlement of peoples on South, East and West from territory of the Volga region and Caucasus is put forward and proved. 26.12.2015.

Picturesque Gospel of Church of Chora (Kariye) in Istanbul
Research of artifacts of Church of the Christ Savior in Chora (Church of Chorus, XIV century, Istanbul) has allowed restoring overlooked nuances of ancient doctrines of Byzantium Orthodoxy. The numerous facts of distortion Holy Book and Holy Legend have been found out at formation of modern Christian canons which at all are not an inviolable reality from above, and there is product of human creativity. 15.09–08.10.2014.

Images ancient Romans from Volga in artefacts
Long millennia in Idel-Rome-Memphis-Mitsraim-Itil-Saray-Batu lived from 600 000 up to one million person. Ruins of city are grandiose pantry of a history, culture and religion. Masonic scientists diligently avoid carrying out there scale excavation. In those places prospers only black selector of treasures. How long it is possible to hide to world elite of impostors true from people? 20-22.04.2010.

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Sixth and other questions New!!!
Why doesn't the ROC want to stop the war? 14.02.2022.

Five questions to the ROC New!!!
The first question: What is the data of the Birth of Christ now? The second question: When and where was Jesus Christ crucified? The third question: When will the Apocalypse begin? Fourth question: Why Tartarus and the Kingdom of The Beast located in Russia? The fifth question: When did Vladimir Putin become the receptacle of the Beast? 24-27.01.2022.

The Prophet Muhammad and the Quran
Based on an independent analysis of artifacts, ancestral tree and astronomical phenomena related to the deeds, life and death of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as historical evidence of the first appearance and legal use of the Quran in the life of Muslims, the author drew conclusions about the integration of several historical figures of the VII and XII centuries into the personality of the Prophet Muhammad. They became Khagan Kubrat, aka Emperor Heraclius, the Arabian Prophet or Caliph of the Rashidun Caliphs and the true Prophet Muhammad, who lived in 1090–1052. The Quran was created in 1130–1152. The proposed interpretation does not undermine the canons of the faith of Islam, but establishes the truth. 11–30.11.2021.

Syncing the chronicles of Rome and Egypt
Based on a thorough analysis of details of military campaigns and astronomical phenomena from the chronicles of Ancient and New Rome, Ancient Egypt and Persian sources, the author confirmed the chronological shift in the history of Ancient Egypt by 1780 years in the past. The author also revealed the complot of historians to conceal the existence of Ancient Egypt in I millennium by masking the deeds of the Egyptian Pharaohs of the New Kingdom for the non-existent activity of the Kings of the Sasanian Empire. 06–29.03.2021.

The identification of the Patriarchs with historical figures
The author correctly identifies the Patriarchs of monotheistic religions with historical figures of the past based on the paradigm of a short chronology of the world and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in Chronicles and Scriptural. The identification of the Patriarchs is based on the analysis of data from the genealogical trees of Jesus Christ from Lucas, Matthew, mosaics of the Church of Chora, the genealogical tree of the Prophet Muhammad and lists of the Kings of the Great Bulgaria. 21.07–27.08.2020.

Pure Relationship
We have found out and have proved that at everyone men are two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors he has only one pair pure relatives – the forefather and the foremother. All other ancestors are the listed relatives. We also have proved that each woman has two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors it has only one pair foremothers. On the basis of research we confirm De Facto firmness of the absolute law of succession is rule Lex Salica of Pure Relationship. 05.08 – 03.09.2014.

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  Valery KUBAREV > Whose fault is it? > Archive 2004-2018 > The international terrorism - mystification of XXI Century

The international terrorism - mystification of XXI Century

Print version (.pdf)       

Leaders of conducting world powers in eager rivalry have hastened to declare 21 century an epoch of struggle against the international terrorism, since the President of the USA D. Bush, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin and other West-European states. The international terrorism has a charismatic person - Osama Bin Laden in the chapter of all mighty organization Al'Kaeda. We shall try to separate masters of the international terrorism from the virtual stereotypes imposed to the world.
According to all available information, published in the USA, in the world it is totaled more than 500 terrorist organizations and movements but with what they would not be big or fanatical, in themselves they are not capable to solve the global problems, western mass media attributed by him. For this purpose they should have powerful and effective economic, scientific and technical and personnel base, modern means of arms, material support on carrying out subversive activities and information war. Also, coordinating bodies, weight of supporters in the state and political organizations worldwide are necessary.

In essence, carrying out of large acts of terrorism is army operations with attraction of weight of forces and the means not accessible to fans or fanatics. Completely definitely it is possible to declare, that for extremists, including Islamic, the international forces, quite civilized and omnipotent cost.

At first we pay the attention on legendary Osama Bin Laden. We can declare confidently it, that it is the agent of CIA who have organized subversive activities against the USSR in Afghanistan and movement a Taliban in the same place further. Besides Osama Bin Laden or his family is shareholder in the large oil and gas companies together with family of known citizens of America - former and present Presidents of the USA Bushs (Arbusto Energy). For example, founders and partners on business in the company Carlyle Group in regions of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan - the President of USA D. Bush, Vice-President of USA R. Cheney and all favourite Osama Bin Laden. Probably, Bush's, on families, have persuaded it to undertake a role of the main terrorist in the universe. Osama now is not hidden in mountains of Afghanistan, and, probably, in the mornings drinks tea in any cafe of Los Angeles and with surprise reads press about the grandiose feats, however, sometimes for interview imposes a make-up, takes Kalashnikov's automatic device in a hand (do not forget about threat of Russia!) also threatens America from Hollywood. As the President of Syria Bashar Assad in interview has declared recently to newspaper Al-Anba, it hardly imagines Osama Bin Laden in mountains of Afghanistan without telephone and computer communication, the manager of the network of international terrorism Al'Kaeda largest in history that only confirms depth of this bluff.

One of the first the President of the Russian Federation has started talking about threat of the international terrorism century in Russia V. Putin. Russia from the middle of 90th years is exposed to continuous attacks on the part of the external forces promoting destruction and smashing of the country. War in the Chechen Republic became a portal of penetration into Russia, so-called, international terrorism. In result in the Chechen Republic the educational center "Caucasus" including camp " Taliban ", and base on preparation of terrorists in Gorge Pankissia, Georgia have been organized.

Communications of the Chechen extremists with heads of the Afghani Taliban do not require proofs, and their dependence on CIA direct and obvious. The wave of the terror, which has overflowed Russia last years - explosions of houses, demonstrations, hostages on Dubrovka show, Moscow, hospitals, electric trains, the underground, has interesting feature.

She consists in indispensable fixation of occurring events on videotape directly or with the help of TV, and as absence of the organizations, which have accepted responsibility for spent attacks. Probably, the finished shooting materials are not forwarded to Afghanistan on donkeys in caves of the Тоrа-Bora forest for acquaintance by Osama Bin Laden, and accompany with the financial reporting for studying in Lengly, CIA. The terrorism in Russia has got concrete features of business on blood, the Chechen extremists have found the good customer and fulfill monetary injections. The essence of business consists in different received means for carrying out attacks and charges on their performance and payments to families of condemned men. This principle is brightly shown in activity of " Black widows ". The heads such as Ramzan. receives hundred thousand dollars on carrying out attacks, paying only hundreds dollars for an explosive, tickets, residing and from five up to ten thousand dollars to families kamikaze, sacrificing itself to false ideas. The difference brings thousand percent of the profit. Work of a management of terrorists consists in a presence of the despaired and unfortunate women, washing of their brains and guarantees of the help to families unfortunate after their death that does not attract any charges, except for loss of time for long arrangements.

There is a question on financial streams on payment of certificates of terror by the Chechen extremists, whence they go and why they in any way do not manage to be blocked? Former Minister of Finance of Republic Ichkeria can answer him. Despite of the international search of the Interpol, it will easy live in Washington area also pays orders on attacks to extremists, receiving money from the owners in CIA.

Accordingly, such special financial streams cannot be traced by the international community at all, even authorities of the USA. Example Vice-President of Ichkeria Z.Yandarbiev is characteristic also. This international terrorist lived in Qatar since to achieve his delivery by Russia it was not represented possible from obvious approval of the USA. Thus all have forgotten, that Qatar is the largest base of the USA in Persian Gulf and a staff on carrying out of military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. In day of elimination of Z.Yandarbiev three representatives of the Russian special services, and later Americans employees of CIA distances point on arrest of citizens of Russia later have been seized have recognized, that. However, it is not surprising, in fact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has declared, that the specified persons were engaged in special information support in this region, and, probably, their work represented threat to the American command in Qatar. Americans have hung up murder З. Yandarbiev on them having killed thus of two hares, including solved a problem in prevention of outflow special information to Russia.

Other factor subversive activities of the western special services on open spaces of Russia is planting vakhabism in Muslim enclaves. Moslems of Russia are exposed to brain washing with the purpose of destabilization of internal conditions, provocation inter religion conflicts and attempts of infringement of territorial integrity of Russia by formation of the independent dwarfish states. Thus there is no direct proof of any benefit from similar activity to any of the Islamic states since there are no economic and ideological preconditions.

At the end of 2003 Turkey became a target of the international terrorism. As is known, a series of explosions at synagogues, banks and shopping centers has been made. Tens people were lost. The responsibility on itself the organization has taken " Great east Islamic insurgent front ", ostensibly included in network Al'Kaeda. Who has punished Turkey for sabotage of an attack to Iraq hordes of allies of the USA? Obviously not Al'Kaeda, and the USA. Turkish special services have too quickly found terrorists and completely not democratic methods have received the information that extremists have had training preparation in camps on Northern Caucasus which as already was are shown above, organized with the help and on money of CIA. Then in March, 2004 unexpectedly blow up Masonic lodge in Istanbul. What communication with described events? Straight line - probably members of Masonic lodge, patriots and Muslims of Turkey, do not share a position of CIA on a question of the international terrorism and have too zealously caught terrorists of " Great east Islamic insurgent front ", having received compromising CIA the information, it is possible tortures. This explosion only the prevention to Turkish masons and all special services of allies of the USA.

On March 11, 2004 became a nightmare for the nearest ally of the USA of Spain. Explosions in suburban electric trains of Madrid, about 200 victims and 1500 wounded men. These explosions - brothers twins of explosions of electric trains in Russia. In the Western Europe have already hastened to name these events September 11, 2001 for Europe. Depth of human tragedies is conclusive, the originator is already known - Al'Kaeda. New phantom Al'Kaed of " Brigade Abu Hafsa Al'Makri " has accepted responsibility for these explosions. The Spanish special services have arrested possible organizers - several Moroccans.

It is found out, that they have had training terrorist preparation in camps of CIA on Northern Caucasus. Terrorists used the special plastic explosive specifying probable participation in explosions Basques to the terrorist organization ETA. And explosions have thundered three days prior to general election in Spain. We be asked by a question: What business Al'Kaeda up to internal political problems in Spain? It is easier to explain events in Spain interests of the USA in this country. A problem - preservation of authority at People party of Spain completely supporting a policy of the USA. Means - fulfillment attacks 3 days prior to elections that there was no time to find real organizers of explosions, use of an explosive ETA, a direction of investigation on a false trace - charges of Basques in this crime, a victory over a wave attack party in power, then, after elections, charge against Al'Kaeda, strengthening of the international coalition led by the USA on struggle against the international terrorism, attraction of new supporters. And in general, something for a long time did not blow up in Europe.

But, as is known, experts of CIA again did not consider all complex of problems, and events have gone under other script. The Spanish special services were too zealously accepted to work and have quickly found Moroccans, on Saturday the information on it in press on March, 13 has filtered, Basques get out from this ominous crime, there and then it was necessary to let out the information on participation in explosions Al'Kaeda and on a wave of national anger of Spaniards for lie of the government the opposition party of socialists has won.

New Prime Minister has there and then declared a conclusion of the Spanish armies from Iraq till June 30, 2004 (however, 2000 person and to name armies that difficultly). But on mourning ceremony to Spain there has arrived the Vice-President of USA R. Cheney with the purpose of twisting hands to Spaniards and directions on a true way. The position of Spain, as is known, became precedent of acknowledgement of a victory of terrorists above one of large European powers who after attack has changed the foreign policy that is actual encouragement of terrorism. It is thought the USA in due course will change the position on this question, as even visibility of defeat by him to a hand in global virtual game on struggle against the international terrorism.

So, about participation of CIA in explosions in Spain speak the following facts: use of an explosive popular in ETA, bought at former miner Hose Emilio Suares, and in the north of Spain in a zone of the responsibility ETA, transportation by Moroccans of an explosive on strange auto which in a handling time was normal (on road police stopped it for check) and when transportation has been finished, has been declared in stealing (classical reception for get out traces of CIA), the Moroccans past preparation in camps on Northern Caucasus, time of carrying out attacks, the foreign policy purposes of the USA, verbal rhetoric ostensibly representative Al'Kaeda who has accepted responsibility for explosions, - act of terrorism against crusaders (look any publication of times cold wars about a crusade against communism). Only Europe has recovered from a shock as at the end of March, 2004 a series of explosions in Uzbekistan far from Spain has thundered, but also undergone to attack of terrorists Al'Kaeda. Tens people in the Muslim country were lost and were wounded. Than Uzbeks have not pleased Al'Kaeda? And there were hidden the international public the processes, consisting that Russian "Gazprom" monopolized actually all gas and oil export business from Uzbekistan, having squeezed out with March, 2004 of all competitors. Including the known company Carlyle Group. It is quite reasonable, that civilized family Bush's, Bin Laden and Cheney have decided to remind loudly of itself to the become impudent Uzbeks a series attacks.

Let's return back to earlier events. After September 11, 2001 of the USA have immediately attacked Afghanistan with the purpose of destruction of movement a Taliban and Al'Kaeda. For the decision of this problem measures on creation of an antiterrorist coalition, which have there and then headed the USA have been undertaken. Russia has been involved as the ally and the intermediary for military penetration into Central Asia, military bases on former Soviet space have operatively been received and sanctions to uses of air space of Russia and allies for flight of planes of a coalition have been given. Staffs have dissolved Russia as in a kinder garden, having promised gingerbread for good behavior as partnership on struggle against the nonexistent enemy, but thus have overlooked to give to eat this gingerbread. The USA, thus, have solved the old plans on penetration into Central Asia, military presence at Afghanistan, a capture under the control of the narcotic traffic over Afghanistan, physical elimination of the former allies - modjahetes. As is known, as a result of military operation hundreds Taliban and, so-called, members Al'Kaeda which have been forwarded without court and consequence on military base of Guantanamo have been seized. The majority of these people the USA and the Great Britain are citizens of the various states of the world, including. Difficultly to present in the modern world of the greater infringement of the rights and freedom of people belonging to democratic community and undergone to tortures and humiliations on whim of one super state. As a result of long-term sufferings, these captured are gradually released home without what presentation or charges that proves the reference to an accessory of these captured to Al'Kaeda as a propaganda bluff. As CIA fills up with such plain image numbers of the foreign agency, giving freedom to prisoners, probably, for the consent to co-operation.

In March 2003 of the USA have attacked independent Iraq, having carried out the pink dream on destruction of dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. As is known, as an occasion for an attack have served ostensibly presence at Iraq of the weapon of mass defeat and support of the international terrorism by Hussein. All these promises appeared a bluff, but the USA came all the same in Iraq with one positive purpose in the long term - for an establishment of democracy. After the termination of a military phase in Iraq continuous terrorist war began, and from the moment of coming to power of an occupational mode by the purpose of terrorists local self-government institutions, Islamic leaders, mosques, sites of police and new armed forces of Iraq, and at all soldiers of coalition forces are. As the representative of command of the USA in Iraq recently has declared, Americans define on participation of local terrorists to Al'Kaeda by a simple principle - " It is everyone who would like to harm armies of a coalition, to Iraq and in general all world ". Command also has declared, that the greater anxiety is caused recently not by local insurgents and former members of party BAAS, and members of the international terrorist organization. Members Al'Kaeda though to any logically conceiving person it is clear again became extreme, that Al'Kaeda will not kill the brothers of Moslems, and should struggle with armies of a coalition. Generalizing a picture of modern Iraq it is possible to note, that get up against each other Sheets and Sunnite, Kurds and Iraqis, simple Iraqis on members of party BAAS, etc., it is favorable only to the USA. Long-term destabilization of Iraq and region as a whole, necessity of accommodation of armies for the destroyed state, access to oil stocks, realization of a principle divide and dominate, it is assigned to CIA with already wide experience of carrying out of similar actions. Thus it is not necessary to forget, that means of tax bearers of the USA were spent for carrying out of war in Iraq, and the profit on restoration of Iraq and sale of his oil will receive the concrete private companies and a tightening of military operation gives new orders to the Military-industrial Complex of the USA.

Certainly a turning point in history - on September 11, 2001. Accident of universal scale for the USA and all progressive humanity. Destruction of thousand people, citizens of various nationalities. Wreck of a symbol of the democratic world - towers-twins of the World Shopping center, an attack on a building of Pentagon. Stealing of 4 planes at a time, use of condemned men of the pilots past preparation in the USA, scale destructions from the action. Such act of terrorism has happened for the first time in history. On the scales it is similar to large army operation, obvious long and thorough training, thus achievement of the purpose is carried out by use of a minimum material and means. All world for the first time in real time observed occurring events on TV and, that the most important, on the Internet. The responsibility for this act of terrorism have immediately attributed Al'Kaeda. It was ostensibly carried out with members of network Al'Kaeda under management Halide Sheikh Mohammed. It is possible to assert only precisely, that pilots condemned men were citizens of Saudi Arabia, including Halide Al'Mihdhar and Navaf Al'Hazmi.

According to American sources Halide Sheikh Mohammed planned these certificates for territories of Afghanistan since 1996. About this event it is written and told already so many that it is not necessary to go deep into details. After September 11, 2001 in the USA the new coil of daunting of local population begins. Dispatch of tens letters with a white powder in which disputes of the Siberian ulcer are found out, the USA in the next shock. The information in consciousness of millions Americans and citizens of all world about necessity of struggle against the weapon of mass defeat, in particular, ostensibly is pawned by available Iraq under the direction of Saddam Hussein. It is difficult to assume more unsuccessful way for distribution of the Siberian ulcer to the USA, than dispatch of letters with a powder. To tell more truly, that the most safe way of daunting of the population of the USA for formation of public opinion about threat Al'Kaeda and accompanying modes and the organizations is chosen.

Let's note that shtamm the Siberian ulcer in these packages had the American origin. From described events has passed some years. Now the Senate and the Congress of the USA carry out independent investigations of these certificates of terrorism. As to letters with ulcer about them it is silent - have peacefully forgotten, though the name " the Siberian ulcer " looks like greetings with love from Russia (the population should not forget the enemy number one). Concerning to stealing planes and the further events it is found out, that administration of the USA under the direction of the President of USA D. Bush keep abreast of preparation of pilots, citizens of Saudi Arabia, but have undertaken nothing to stop them. We shall note, that the idea of wreck of skyscrapers taran the plane belongs to Hollywood and CIA since there is a lot of movie, computer games on this theme. Even in memory of simulators on training pilots of civil planes in the USA scripts of attacks of skyscrapers have been incorporated and is concrete towers-twins of the World Shopping center. I dare to assume, that the Administration of the USA and was not going to do something for a stop of terrorists as it was included into their plans on the further succession of events in the USA and the world. It means, that CIA of the USA has carried out the organization and carrying out of acts of terrorism in the USA connected to stealing of planes or did not interfere with their carrying out, that one and too, and also is involved in distribution of letters with the Siberian ulcer, using for these purposes of Muslim fanatics with further charge Al'Kaeda in these crimes. Result of struggle against terrorism in the USA became grandiose approach to a civil freedom and inviolability of person, universal infringement of democracy, attraction of allies worldwide for the organization of total shadowing people, daunting of a society by opposition of the Western world Muslim, division of the world on and another's.

At all set of events of last time it is not necessary to forget, that with 1968 on 1980. Have been accomplished about 6700 acts of terrorism as a result of which were lost 3668 and 7474 persons are wounded. Now certificates of terror proceed all over the world, since explosions in Indonesia, get out lives of hundreds Australian citizens, on the Balkans, Northern Africa, in Palestine and Israel. Actual escalation of terrorist activity, complication of its character, refinement and anti humanity of acts of terrorism is the secondary background which is lying down on is artificial created by special services western the countries a vector of development of the international attitudes with presence demon's forces Al'Kaeda led by Osama Bin Laden. Regretfully it is necessary to ascertain transition of the extremist organizations of Palestine from methods of national-patriotic struggle to certificates of terror with use of the condemned men imposed by popularization by mass media of new methods of struggle Al'Kaeda, CIA invented by services. A priori intervention of special services of the western countries in activity of the international terrorism has deduced the conflict in the Near East on a new spiral of irreconcilable contradictions, that finally destabilizes Israel for long years and does the population of Israel and Palestine by a change and hostages of struggle against the international terrorism under the direction of the USA. And the modern terrorism became one of directions of business on blood as according to researches of scientists and experts, the cumulative budget in sphere of terror makes up to 20 billion dollars annually.

The question on why the world of an Islam became a stronghold of the international terrorism, till now remains up to the end to not investigated and not understood experts all over the world. The answer to this question, probably, consists that an Islam here not and, and it is a victim of interests of known structures.

Disintegration and actual destruction of the USSR has led to the ending an epoch of opposition of the Western democracies and the communism, headed according to the USA and the USSR. Thus cold war as a crusade against communism has come to the end with a victory of the West. Ruling cliques in the USA and the Great Britain have faced a problem of the further development of the western democracy - the old and hated enemy on behalf of Russia (USSR) has turned to democratic power with all external attributes of the civilized and free country, but thus the external enemy, even virtual - such as windmills or computer monsters is simply necessary for the Western countries. Russia in the defective modern kind continues to frighten the West and it will not calm down yet will not shatter the country into tens dwarfish states and physically will not destroy the population, but to make it in conditions of democracy it is not obviously possible, since direct propaganda for the benefit of destruction of Russia completely discredits ruling circles. On the other hand, in modern conditions conducting "hot" war will result if not in destruction of a life on the Earth to destruction of hundreds millions people, but thus annually perish tens thousand people from accidents, failures, techno gene accidents and natural cataclysms.

Cold war has not ended, and has been continued as the international terrorism. Ruling cliques of the USA and have made of the Great Britain the choice for the benefit of the artificial organization of revelry of the international terror, already loudly having declared for the whole world, that 21 century is an epoch of struggle against the international terrorism. At carrying out of acts of terrorism, even in their own territory, hundreds and even thousand people perish, but these losses look as the natural decline in population, which is not leaving on a catastrophic level. The trump card as the international struggle against terrorism gives weight of opportunities for final destruction of Russia as an overall objective of the West, on the one hand, power decisions of problems with the objectionable states in the world down to military intervention (Afghanistan, Iraq), is enough only charge in support of the international terrorism, gradual liquidation of a civil freedom and democratic gains of the own population, statement completely under the police control of citizens not only the, but also other countries visiting the Western democracies as tourists, students, workers and businessmen. For this purpose computer networks, databanks, video supervision, listening of conversations, infringement of secret of correspondence, censorship, the biometric data in passports, removal of prints of fingers are used at reception of visas, etc., etc. Reaches already even to the point of irrationality, that if an innocent joke about a bomb onboard the plane or manicure scissors in a ladies' handbag can become the basis imprisonment for the joker for some years (for example, in Russia there are hundreds jokes about terrorists and if to tell such joke in a unsuccessful place in the USA it is possible to receive without ceremony some years of prison).

At the end of 90th years ruling cliques of the USA and the Great Britain have set to the special services a problem to fabricate an external image of the enemy of the Western democracy, suitable for the use within decades. CIA obviously does not indulge occurrence of new ideas, worthy for imitation (there can be a problem in absence of the staff from Russia). Standard cliches of stereotypes are brightly shown in activity of Hollywood. First insurgents frightened from the screen of the western inhabitant of a red bear, the Russian gorillas drinking vodka and talking in completely not clear language, writing on Cyrillic's with horrifying letters such as "Я", "И", "Ь". Then Chinese with the hieroglyphs and red stars, northern Korean have appeared, villains from Southern Africa have flown, new Russian Mafiosi's and, at last, the film-industry, and with it and CIA, get up the look on Islamic extremists and terrorists were pulled.

Bloody and fanatical, in masks and Kalashnikov's automatic gun in hands, as indispensable attributes of new antiheroes. Cоме that, in opinion of a management of the USA and Moslems belong to the Great Britain to other belief and a civilization (though this argument does not maintain any criticism), eternally sing namaz on some times in day in not clear and terrible language, write completely inconceivable Arabian original. By the leader the Islamite old friend President's to the USA to Bushes Osama Bin Laden though his person reminds icone a face of a wise man, instead of a devil in flesh has been appointed, but special services have solved, that such contradiction will look more awfully.

The most wild invention of CIA of steel, certainly, terrorists-condemned men and idea of education and their preparation on the basis of sectarian directions of an Islam of type vakhabizm. Certainly, condemned men after attack cannot be caught and interrogated, that washes hands to true customers of crimes. But thus only western approach for stimulation of the condemned man, except for hit in paradise, naturally is used. It is payment of monetary indemnification to family in the size, exceeding the revenue of poor people, but to the western measures, comparable with the monthly salary of the expert - 5-10 thousand dollars. One of punctures of CIA is the investment in lips ostensibly the international terrorists of expressions such as " struggle against crusaders ", " with a crusade ". This dictionary of cold war to us is well known, and furthermore his authors.

As other provocations of CIA examples of pressure upon China serve, what it ostensibly till 2001 was engaged in preparation of the international terrorists, appeals Al'Kaeda to people of the USA to accept an Islam (what business to Moslems up to America?), continuous attacks to Russia as, for example, statements authority Al'Kaeda Al'Zavahiri, that they have the nuclear weapon, bought or stolen of Russia. There is a sensation, that the following large attack with use of radioactive waste products will take place in territory of the USA before presidential elections in November, 2004, instead of after November 1, 2004 administration D. Bush will be caught at last by Osama Bin Laden. Use of radioactive elements will create only the big noise and a panic, but not real danger to a life of people. And the following 4 years of board of republican administration will mark streams of blood and tears, which will overflow the world in a muzzle of a volcano of the international terrorism.

Occurring events are perfectly stacked in the modern theory conspiracy, leaning on which the author asserts, that the generator of ideas of terror as means and the tool of political strike and powerful base of the international terrorism are ruling cliques and special services of the USA and the Great Britain, and the world of an Islam is a puppet in their hands. These circles bear the full responsibility for formation State-Supported International Terrorism.

Within the framework of the theory conspiracy events of last years - a policy of double standards spent by the West, discontent the PASS actions of Russia concerning the Chechen Republic and Northern Caucasus, an attack of the NATO to Yugoslavia and crisis in Kosovo, presence of numerous religious-ethnic communities or diasporas of extremist sense in territory of the USA and become clear to the Great Britain and their private support, continuation of war in the Near East, the state terrorism concerning Afghanistan and Iraq, Forcing of fear and uncertainty in tomorrow's day on territories of the own countries, artificial restriction of the rights and freedom of the citizens necessary ostensibly for their own protection.

In view of our interpretation of events it is necessary to draw conclusions and to undertake the following steps:

  1. To all democratic countries, including Russia the first to leave from the antiterrorist coalition created under aegis of the USA;
  2. To the western countries and their allies to rethink the place in world history and to make a choice in Advantage of preservation of democratic values;
  3. To stop supply and an exchange of the classified information with special services of the USA and the Great Britain in connection with use by the received information against volunteer assistants;
  4. To bring home to peoples of the USA and the Great Britain depth of mystification and a deceit of own people ruling cliques, in the democratic way to displace ruling modes and to involve them to political and the criminal liability;
  5. To explain the Islamic world, that it is not the enemy, and enters a component into the world community of civilized countries.
For political and ideological opposition of the theory and practice conspiracy it is necessary to return to sources of democracy, protection of the rights and freedom of people, having formulated these principles as the concept of the orthodox democracy which have been not spoiled by false values and surplus of riches of the West.

By way of realization of the concept of orthodox democracy the basic burden of the responsibility get up to modern Russia as conductor of a new sight at old values. Russia as a primogenitor and a cradle of peoples of western and east civilizations should take the central place in protection of the rights and freedom of people all over the world. Only peace and civilized competition of ideas of the democracy concentrated in the USA and Russia, will stop an epoch of the international terrorism, will put the gone too far circles of the West on a place, will direct the world in a direction of prosperity irrespective of creed and presence of material assets.

Kubarev Valery

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